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The Parchmore Medical Centre Patient Participation Group (PMC-PPG) was setup 12 years ago with the agreement and direction of the Practice Partners and Management. The NHS Contract requires all practices to establish and maintain a patient participation group (PPG) and make reasonable efforts during each year for this to be representative of the practice population. The purpose of this engagement is to identify improvements that may be made in the delivery of services by the practice. Where the practice and PPG agree, the practice must act on suggestions for improvement using reasonable endeavours to implement these. Recently we agreed (constitution) with PMC partners & managers.

The Patient Participation Group was established to provide an independent overview of services and facilities at Parchmore Medical Centre.

As a patient of the practice, you are automatically a member of the PPG. There is a notice board in the main reception area which gives details of current activities.

The Committee consists of 10 volunteer practice patients. Whilst the PPG is not a vehicle for clinical complaints it will:

  • Receive reports about and comment on operational matters relating to Parchmore Medical Centre and make comments or suggestions thereon
  • Be fully briefed about NHS and practice policies and delivery of services
  • Publish a patient newsletter
  • Establish a two-way communication between the partners, staff and patients.

PMC-PPG Objectives

We see our role as critical friends, make contribution to the continuous improvement of services, ensuring the practice provides high level care and wellbeing of patients. We assist by improving communication between the practice and its patients and help patients to take more responsibility for their health. We attend meetings to try to influence the wider NHS, most notably the decisions that are made on behalf of patients about the services that are available via the Croydon Clinical Commissioning Group. Others attend Health and Wellbeing Board meetings and we would be available to the Care Quality Commission.  We are not a forum for individual complaints or single issue campaigns but our role is to ensure that there is the correct mechanism to access the practice complaints procedure. We provide practical support and help to implement change.  Being a member of the PPG brings a sense of ownership and inclusion and a little effort brings mutual understanding and respect on all sides.

Meeting with the Partners & Senior Management

The PPG Executive Committee consists of Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Honorary Life Vice-Presidents and up to 17 volunteers.

Meetings are held monthly (except for August and December) with a Partner and Senior Management Staff. The summary of the minutes are published on the web-site.

Chairman: Mukesh Patel

Secretary: Mohan S Dhamrait OBE

Minutes from Meetings